Do Justice.

Love Kindness.

Walk Humbly. 

Micah 6:8

Our Mission

To bring freedom to the oppressed, share the love of Jesus and provide hope for a future through sustainable farming and artisanal industry. We seek to be the Father's hands and heart on this earth and work to end injustice and bring healing and hope to the darkest parts of the world. 

Our Vision

For Our Community

Our vision for York County, Pennsylvania is to have a farm on which we raise food to feed the hungry, employ the unemployable, teach artisanal industry and sustainable business skills, and equip others to join us in bringing freedom to the nations. It is our desire to cultivate community, eat meals around the table and share the love of Jesus. 

For The Nations

Our vision for the nations is to bring freedom to those in bondage, to equip them to carry out an artisanal trade and to sustainably provide the most basic necessities for themselves and their communities. We desire to establish long-lasting relationships with them, providing them fair prices for their products and giving them access to the U.S. marketplace.