Free To Live Tees & Totes Fundraiser

Hello there! 

We have officially kicked off our Free to Live t-shirt and tote bag fundraiser! When I {Tabitha} was praying and thinking about a saying that would sum up our mission and also make for a fun t-shirt design, I knew it had to be something to do with freedom. One day while driving in the car, the Newsboys song I Am Free came on the radio and "free to live" resonated so loudly with my spirit. If I could sum up the past few years, and especially the past few months for us it would be with the word freedom. While living a nomadic life with two small children can be quite exhausting and filled with challenges, the freedom to be out from under a mortgage, bills, taxes and all of the "things" that go with it is exhilarating. The freedom to be in a place where we are able to be obedient to God's call is truly amazing. Like seriously, a dream come true. I mean, how many of us so often say that if we didn't have X, Y and Z, we would do the very thing that makes our hearts sing? And I can't think of anything that we want more than to share our freedom with others. Our desire is to set the captives free and give them the ability to truly be free to live the destiny for which they were created. 

We are super excited about the tees and totes and the process and people who helped us make them a reality. Our friend and photographer Ken Bruggeman did an amazing job with the design and we were super excited to use Artc Creative to print the tees right here in York, PA! The tees are also made in the USA by American Apparel and are the super soft tri-blend tees you'll want to wear everywhere. The totes are also made by American Apparel. 

You can pre-order the tees and totes on our website through midnight on September 21. Or, if you're local to York, PA, you can pre-order your tee or tote at Elizabeth & West Fashion House on Beaver Street near Central Market.

We want to thank you for supporting us in this way and for joining the movement to end oppression around the world. Help us spread the word by sharing this with your friends and family and tagging your photos with #thefreedomgatemovement.